In order to leave a more livable world for future generations, protectthe natural resources and sustainable development, Büyük Baskı Merkezi develops and implements projects aimed at raising awareness of the entire society, starting with its employees.

To build a sustainable future with environmentally friendly practices and necessary measures while structuring business processes, it is ensured thatall employees of the company and all stakeholders cooperating are being environmentally conscious individuals.While structuring business processes, contributing to the establishment of a sustainable future with eco-friendly practices and necessary measures, all company employees and all stakeholders who are collaborators are environmentally conscious and conscious individuals.

The basic principles of Büyük Baskı Merkezi environmental policy are as follows:

  • Taking proactive measures in all activities to prevent air, water and soil pollution
  • Making continuous improvements in environmental activities and carrying out studies to ensure development
    Complying with the environmental aspects of national and international legal and other requirements in force
  • Contributing to a “healthy environment” for non-governmental organizations to work on the environment
  • Reduce costs, improve productivity and long-term profitability by working on the basis of business partnership and trust that will provide quality, environmental awareness and job security with suppliers of goods and services
  • Evaluating all activities in a systematic and regular manner and constantly going better